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1.ZooBurst is a digital storytelling tool that is designed to let you easily create your own customized virtual pop-up book. It is pretty amazing! Watch the demo to see what we mean, then explore the site to try one of your own. There is tremendous potential for student use. Signing up is free, but you'll need to fill out a simple request form before you begin.



Wordle** is a free word mapping tool on the web that has lots of fun possibilities for the start of the school year.**46 Interesting Ways to Use Wordle in the Classroom** has suggestions for using Wordle as a tool for building curriculum and community with colleagues and students:

[[@https://docs.google.com/ present/view?id=ddcws83v_ 159nx583xg8]]

Provide to parents:3.Parent resource to consider

4.Learn about Google wonder wheel

5.Resources for Kidwriting including inservice plan

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Tech Tools for Teaching Reading

7. Sisters record keeping form for individual conferring. Looks great!

8. Hello all,
I have been putting some links together for students and teachers grades (K-6) to use. I am finding that the multiplayer math game links (http://www.arcademicskillbuilders.com/) are a big hit with the students.
I am trying to have some challenges across the district with these games and make it a big deal with the students.

Todd Jones

I put together this subject listing of sites for the SmartBoard for our elementary teachers. You may find something useful on this wiki....


Kristen M.

I have also put together an online binder for my elementary teachers that we are adding to continually.
Tracy Sevin

11. Making digital storybooks.
Tech & Learning had an article in an issue about this-
It has the top 10 tools article

1. Mixbook: The best site for creating a book to either share with others
digitally or order in the form of hard copy. Also, educators can create
student accounts for better management.
2. BookRix: One of the best sites for advertising your digital book; very
user-friendly, and a nice social environment.
3. Panraven: A nice site for creating, sharing, and purchasing your
digital book.
4. Book Builder: Site for creating digital books.
5. PDF Flash: Upload a PDF to create a professional-looking Flash-based digital book.
6. MyPublisher: Free software that allows users to create colorful photo or digital books.
7. Tabblo: Create a user account to make digital books with photos.
8. SmileBooks: Create beautiful storybooks online or download their software to store on your hard drive.
9. Blurb: Site for making photo books to order.
10. Lulu: Create print or ebooks with this user-friendly site.

12. Here's another site for elementary language arts.

13. Kindle books for free